Top 10 Best Beard Trimmer Reviews

Have you ever noticed how some people always seem to have luxurious, perfectly manicured beards? You can have one too! The trick is finding a great beard trimmer that works for you.

The challenge comes in finding the right beard trimmer for you. There are dozens or even hundreds of different types of beard trimmers on the market, and finding the good from the bad is not an easy task.

No one has the time to do that kind of research themselves, so we’ve created this handy guide to help you find the best beard trimmer for your facial hair and your lifestyle.

Things to Consider

Buying a beard trimmer isn’t rocket science, but there are still some things you should keep in mind before buying, especially if you’re in the business of cutting hair. Most barbers will already know these things, but some people cut hair as a little side business. Here are five things to keep in mind before you buy.

1. Attachments

One of the most important features of a beard trimmer is the attachments that may (or may not) be included. A beard trimmer without any accessories or the ability to adjust will be a pretty one-dimensional trimmer. If you like your beard a consistent length, this may not be a problem, but if you want to experiment, you’re out of luck.

2. Power Supply

Some trimmers run on AC power and plug into a wall. Others will have a battery. If they come with a battery, is it a rechargeable one with a power charging station, or will you have to replace the batteries as they die?

3. Running Time

If the trimmer is not battery-powered and has a cable, it will be able to run endlessly, and this particular point is irrelevant. If, however, it’s a battery-powered trimmer, pay attention to how long they’ll run before needing a recharge. Most will run long enough to trim your beard, but professionals will want to pay close attention to this.

4. Material of the Blade

The material and durability of the razor blade will have a major impact on how long your razor will last. Most blades will be made out of chromium steel.

5. Price

This isn’t a huge concern, as most beard trimmers cost around $50 or so. If you want a nice one, you’ll have to pay more, but think long and hard before you shill out $100 or more. Unless you’re a barber, stylist or just serious about your beard, you won’t need an expensive model.


There are a lot of different models to choose from, and picking one that we thought shone above all the rest was no easy task. However, we felt that the Panasonic ER-GB40-S stands a cut above the competition. While it isn’t necessarily the best beard trimmer that money can buy, it’s easily the best value for its price.

Panasonic ER-GB40-S Best Beard Trimmer
Ergonomic and masculine design with rubberized grip.

 Sharp stainless-steel blades create an optimal cutting edge for quick and efficient hair trim.

Features 19 precision settings for hair and beard trimming, sculpting, cutting and detailing.

A/C charging stand with light indicator that glows red while charging.

 Has the option to be plugged in for continuous use.

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Best Beard Trimmers Under $25

10. Panasonic ER224S All-in-One Hair Clipper & Beard Trimmer

Panasonic ERS All in One Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer

If you’re looking for a simple budget trimmer, the Panasonic ER224S is a good bet. It’s affordable and has a wide range of abilities.

The Panasonic ER224S All-in-One Hair Clipper & Beard Trimmer is designed to work with both wet and dry shaving methods. It can be dipped in water and can be used while in the shower, although you might want to have a mirror in there first. It can run for about 40 minutes on a single charge, but it takes 8 hours to fully charge, which is a ridiculously long time. That alone makes this completely unsuitable for professional use.

The ER224S has 14 length settings that can be adjusted according to your requirements. This all-in-one device comes with a replacement blade, cleaning brush, oil, and charger. You want to make sure you oil it before each use, or it can get stuck in your beard. In fact, unless I specify otherwise, that pretty much goes for all beard trimmers.


  • Can be immersed in water
  • Has 14 length settings
  • Comes with replacement blade


  • Only runs for 40 minutes
  • It takes 8 hours to charge
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Best Beard Trimmers Under $50

9. TRYM II Hair Clipper Kit

TRYM II Hair Clipper Kit

This is a super-sleek looking trimmer that is sure to make you look twice. While it’s not the most effective beard trimmer, it’s the most stylish, and that earns it points all by itself.

This all-in-one trimmer is ideal for grooming both beard and mustache, and it’s not going to break the bank. It features strong, professional grade blades that are probably made out of steel. (I couldn’t find the material on the box.) It comes with four different trimming attachments ranging from 1.5 to 9 mm in length. This is a cordless trimmer, and it comes with both the adapter and charging base.

The TRYM II Hair Clipper Kit has a classy design that looks fabulous with any bathroom décor. It comes with a one-year warranty, but that’s probably all the life you’ll get out of it. It doesn’t have a fantastic battery


  • Sleek, attractive design
  • Comes with four different attachments


  • Battery life isn’t all that great
  • Unlikely to outlast its warranty
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8. Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer

Braun BT Beard TrimmerThe Braun BT5070 is a pretty impressive trimmer in a small package. It is packed with a lot of great features that provide excellent performance at a reasonable value.

The most impressive thing about the trimmer is its great flexibility. It can trim from 1 mm all the way to 10 mm with half-millimeter increments in between. All told, there’s something like 25 different trim settings available, which is a fantastic bargain. The blades are very sharp, and they don’t pull or tug on your beard too much.

One thing I liked was how quickly it charged. It can run for about 50 continuous minutes, and it only takes an hour to charge. You can also plug it in directly to your power outlet and trim indefinitely. All of these features combine to create a very versatile and affordable beard trimmer.


  • Has 25 different length settings
  • Only takes an hour to charge
  • Can be immersed in water


  • Doesn’t work in the shower
  • Can’t be used for wet shaves
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7. Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100 w/ 8 Attachments

Best Philips Norelco Multigroom w AttachmentsPhilips Norelco is one of the leading brands of men’s grooming products. This includes beard trimmers. This is the first Philips Norelco trimmer I tested, but it isn’t the last. In fact, half of the beard trimmers I used were Philips.

I liked this trimmer a lot. Not only does it have 18 built-in adjustment settings, but it also comes with eight separate attachments for performing a variety of detailed work and also enabling you to trim longer beards. The attachments include a full-size metal guard trimmer, a body trimming comb, hair clipping comb, beard comb, stubble comb, and nose trimmer.

The Multigroom 7100 is made with chromium steel blades, so they stay sharp a very long time. All in all, this is a very versatile trimmer that can take care of a lot more than just beards. It can run for one hour, which is enough time for most men to trim everything they need to.


  • Has 18 different length settings
  • Comes with eight different attachments
  • Includes 2-year warranty


  • Not as effective at trimming body hair as a proper trimmer
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6. Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7200

Philips Beard TrimmerIf you’re looking for an awesome, high-tech Philips Norelco beard trimmer, you have to try this trimmer. It uses a variety of advanced technologies, including a vacuum system that captures a lot of your trimmed hairs for easy disposal and less mess.

Adjustable length settings are critical in a beard trimmer, and the 7200 does not disappoint, offering 20 different settings from 0.5 to 10 millimeters. For those with longer beards and curly facial hair, several attachments are included to further control your trim and minimize beard pulling. The stainless steel blades are self-sharpening and offer a clean, even trim, and the trimmer is easy to clean.

This is a fantastic beard trimmer and is very reasonably priced. While it doesn’t have as many accessories as some other trimmers, it does the job it needs to and does it well.


  • Vacuum catches most of your cut hairs
  • Has 20 different length settings
  • Comes with several attachments


  • You have to partially disassemble the trimmer to empty it
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Best Beard Trimmers Under $75

5. Panasonic ER-GB40-S Cordless Moustache & Beard Trimmer

Panasonic Cordless Moustache Beard TrimmerThe Panasonic ER-GB40-S is one of the best beard trimmers I tried, and the best for the price. It has nearly as many settings as the Philips Norelco 7200 and is sturdier and better built.

Thew ER-GB40-S has 19 different length adjustments from one to ten millimeters, providing you with plenty of options for trimming and caring for your beard and mustache. The stainless steel blades are set at a 45-degree angle, improving the cutting edge and making the trimming process easier, allowing for better control. It comes with a rechargeable battery than can run for up to 50 minutes, or you can plug it in and run it longer, which is ideal for barbers and other professionals.

I enjoyed the unique vacuum feature present on the 7200, but it was a bit of a pain in the butt to clean out. The ER-GB40-S is as messy as a traditional trimmer, but you don’t have to take it apart and put it back together every time you trim. Both trimmers are a great choice, but I’d have to give this one a slight edge over the competition.


  • Can run on battery or be plugged in
  • Has 19 different length settings
  • Comes with several attachments


  • Charging process takes a long time
  • Might be underpowered for some beards
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4. Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Bodygroom 7100

Philips Norelco BG Bodygroom

This particular Philips Norelco model is an excellent multipurpose trimmer that can cut and shave the shoulder, back, arms, underarms, abs, and chest. It has a very modern, professional design and is very durable.

The 3-way pivoting head of the Bodygroom 7100 provides you a safe shave as it follows the shape of your body to avoid any injury, making it ideal not just for trimming beards but, as the name suggests, the whole body. The razor has five built-in comb lengths that allow for a variety of close and not-quite-so-close trims.

The 7100 comes with a two-year warranty and uses a rechargeable battery with a charging stand included. I had some success with it, but it is probably better for trimming body hairs than facial hairs. I’m not a particularly hairy man, and I prefer my leg hairs to be long, so I don’t have a lot of use for a body trimmer. It works just fine on the beard, but no better really than some other, less expensive options. If you want a good multi-purpose trimmer, however, this is a good pick.


  • Designed to meet all your grooming needs
  • Only takes an hour to charge


  • Has to charge for 24 hours before its first use
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Best Beard Trimmers Under $100

3. Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 9100

Best Philips BeardTrimmerThe Philips Norelco 9100 beard trimmer takes trimming to a whole new level by using a laser-guided trimmer for the ultimate in comfort and precision. This futuristic-looking trimmer is probably one of the most intriguing designs I’ve ever seen.

The laser in question isn’t used to cut your hairs, of course. Such a laser would be quite hot, and the potential for burns would be significant. Rather, the 9100 uses a low-powered laser that serves as a guide, allowing you to make clean, straight lines easier than ever before. Like most Philips Norelco trimmers, there are plenty of length options at your disposal – in this case, 17. Furthermore, the blades are composed of chromium rather than stainless steel, making them tougher and sharper.

Since this razor can be used with or without a cord, it has excellent versatility. The laser guide takes a bit of getting used to, but it can be an excellent tool for more precise trims. This trimmer is perhaps best suited for a professional who can make the most out of the laser features. It’s a bit more than I would ever need, but it works well and looks cool.


  • Utilizes a laser guide for ultimate precision
  • Has 17 different length settings
  • Can run on battery or be plugged in


  • Laser guide takes some time to get used to
  • Could use a better beard guard
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Best Beard Trimmers Under $150

2. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300

Philips Norelco TrimmerWe return to Philips Norelco one last time with what may be their best razor yet: the BeardTrimmer 7300. Like the 7200, the 7300 is also a vacuum powered beard trimmer, capturing your hairs and minimizing the mess.

While it doesn’t have quite as many settings as the 7200 (18 instead of 20), it makes up for it by offering a more diverse range of lengths to choose from. Indeed, unlike most beard trimmers, the 7300 adjusts in increments of one millimeter from 1 all the way to 18 millimeters, so even gentleman who likes longer beards will be satisfied.

The other feature that stood out to me was a turbo mode. Some men have tougher beards than others, and the turbo mode gives you the power you need to work through the curly hair and get the results you deserve. This beard trimmer is a bit on the expensive side, but it works well enough to be worth it.


  • Vacuum catches most of your cut hairs
  • Has 18 different length settings
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Door that collects shavings is flimsy
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Best Beard Trimmers Under $200

1. Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper

This awesome, albeit expensive trimmer and hair clipper from Andis tool feature seven attachment combs, four ounces of hair clipper oil, a charging unit and battery pack, blade, and rechargeable clipper.

Unlike most of these clippers, this dual-purpose clipper can trim and cut hair just as well as it can groom your beard. While this is far and away the most expensive option I reviewed, it’s also the most functional, and it’s convenient to be able to trim my beard and hair with the same tool. My wife (who’s a stylist and knows better) once tried to trim my beard using a regular hair clipper, and it wasn’t very pleasant, so I enjoyed how well this one worked on both fronts.

The battery charges in just an hour and runs for 60 minutes. For your safety, the blades of this system are designed in such a way that it remains cool to protect you from skin rash. The Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper has detachable blades that make it easy to clean them or change them out, and all blades are made from metal instead of cheap plastic clip-on.

The price of this clipper makes it inaccessible to some budgets, but if you can afford it, you won’t regret it.


  • Very nice, clean trim
  • Works on both hair and beard
  • Comes with seven attachments


  • Electrical cord base is sold separately
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As you see, there are a lot of different options out there, many of which are less than $50. I liked the performance of the Panasonic ER-GB40-S, but there are a lot of other options too. If we lived in a perfect world, they would all function like the Andis, look like the Trim and have a laser guide like the 9100. Since this hypothetical perfect beard trimmer doesn’t exist, we all have to make do. While I think the Andis provided the actual best performance, its prohibitive cost makes it unsuitable for some. Nevertheless, there are a lot of great choices to be made here, and we hope you are happy with your purchase.

*All prices mentioned above are at the time of publishing.