Top 10 Best Car Ice Scraper Reviews

During a winter season, people spend time to protect their home and vehicles. Normally, most parts of the world face heavy snowfall, and it becomes a problem for many people as they get caught in different situations such as when they wake up, there is snow outside the house, the car is wrapped up in ice, and you are in a hurry to reach office or school. The only thing you need at that moment is an Ice scraper for the car. An ice scraper is a handy tool which can facilely be used to remove frost and ice from your car’s mirror or windows. Basically, scrapers have a plastic handle of a brush or blade at a front. In winters, you should always keep an ice scraper in your car as it clears frozen car windows within minutes. There are many ice scrapers available in the market that falls in various price ranges that might confuse you. In this review, we included the Top 10 Best Ice scrapers for car that allow you to reach the destination on time.

Best Car Ice Scrapers Under $15

10. Hopkins Subzero Ice Hammer Snowbrush

Hopkins Subzero Ice Snowbrush

The highly affordable rate of this ice scraper makes it ideal for everyone, including the people on a budget. Being a reasonable brush doesn’t mean it lacks in quality and somehow offers less performance as compared to the higher priced products. The Hopkins 16511 Subzero Ice Hammer Snowbrush is perfect in every manner. The long brush allows you to reach every corner to remove the snow. On one side, there is a blade that removes the ice while the brush completely sweeps the snow. The grip of this snow brush is waterproof. This 23-inch car tool is available in various attractive colors.

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9. Hopkins Mallory Snow Brush

Hopkins Mallory Snow BrushThis snow brush is known for its marvelous power of cleaning as it is 26 inches long that provide a perfect reach to clean the ice. The Hopkins 532 Mallory Snow Brush is made of a strong and good material that makes it one of the durable brushes. It will definitely last for many years without any inconvenience. The quality of a brush is the best thing a brush can have and due to the same reason, this ice scraper earned the tag of the best seller product on Amazon. It offers 4 rows of strong bristles. Besides all the good and positive features, this completely falls in a category of extremely reasonable brushes.

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8. Rocky Mountain Ice Scraper By Primary Automotive

Rocky Mountain Ice Scraper By Primary AutomotiveWhether you own a car or truck, this Rocky Mountain Ice Scraper is ideal for you to remove the ice. It has the ability to even smash the tough ice in a few minutes. The primary automotive tool has 2 sides; claw sides and flat chisel. It is an average-size tool with the length of 10 inches. It features buttressed reinforcement and thick plastic. The manufacturer offers a warranty of 10 years and if the tool breaks, then the company will replace it. This is a dual-purpose tool that offers to scrap as well as crushing.

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Best Car Ice Scrapers Under $25

7. Hopkins Subzero Crossover Super-Duty Snowbroom

Hopkins Subzero Crossover Super-Duty SnowbroomIt is a winter-ready, time saving, frost crushing, and ice-busting brush with a crossover design that offers maximum cleaning in no time. With the 50-inch long rod, you can easily reach up to the windshield. It pushes and sweeps the snow to give you a clear view. This pivoting brush can be converted into a sturdy broom by just pressing a button. The Hopkins 14039 Subzero Crossover Super-Duty Snowbroom is an easy-to-use scraper that you can pick for your vehicle.

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6. 12-Volt Heated Ice Scraper & Melter

Volt Heated Ice Scraper & MelterWith this 12-Volt Heated Ice Scraper & Melter tool, you can scrap the ice in a different way like it can be plugged into any outlet of 12 volts to enjoy the melting and scraping of the ice. It is designed for your convenience so that you don’t need to do it yourself. No matter how stubborn ice is on your car, it can do its job efficiently. Due to its 14 ft cord, it can easily reach in any direction so that you can get your car cleaned.

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5. Hopkins Subzero Quick Lock Pivoting Snowbroom

Hopkins Subzero Quick Lock Pivoting SnowbroomIt is another strong tool that adds comfort to your life by pushing and cleaning the ice. It has a pole of about 60 inches that is ideal for trucks, RVs, and SUVs. It features wide scraper blade, squeegee, quick lock extension pole, and pivoting soft bristle. The Hopkins 80037 Subzero Quick Lock Pivoting Snowbroom is a great choice as it has the capability to push the deepest and wettest ice from your vehicle.

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Best Car Ice Scrapers Under $50

4. Mallory Wood Snow Brush

Mallory Wood Snow BrushThe five bristle rows, top-quality material, and the ability to push the snow makes the Mallory 203-24pk 25″ Wood Snow Brush a good tool. The durability of this brush is unbeatable. It is a simple snow brush that allows you to get rid of the snow even the hardest ice quickly.

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3. Imperial Telescopic Snowbrush

Imperial Telescopic SnowbrushThe Imperial 82259-2 Telescopic Snowbrush has an extendable handle to provide perfect sweeping. The range of the handle is from 32 inches to 40 inches that allow you to reach to the windshield easily. It is designed for trucks and other larger vehicles.

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2. Genuine Audi Accessories Telescoping Snowbrush

Genuine Audi Accessories Telescoping SnowbrushThe extendable tool for pushing the ice is definitely a good pick as it can easily be stored in the car, and you can extend it when needed to sweep the ice. The ice scraper is on the base while a squeegee and a brush on the top. The Genuine Audi Accessories 8R0096010B Telescoping Snowbrush is a perfect car tool for winters.

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Best Car Ice Scrapers Under $75

1. CJ Industries F-1 Fantastic Ice Scraper

CJ Industries F-1 Fantastic Ice ScraperThe brass blade of this scrapper has the potential to cut the ice from the windows and windshield of the car without even scratching or damaging the glass. If you get a lot of ice on the surface of the car, then the CJ Industries F-1 Fantastic Ice Scraper would be a fantastic choice. It has a length of 9 inches and can easily fit in anywhere in your car.

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*All prices mentioned above were at the time of publishing.