Top 10 Best Hand Blender Reviews

Cooking is a part of our everyday life. We cook food with the help of important appliances, like blenders, choppers and beaters. Another, primary kitchen equipment is a hand blender that is used in cooking and preparing delightful meals. Hand blender can also be referred as immersion blender or a stick blender. It has a long stick like shaft that you can hold with your hand and blend easily. Unlike the other traditional blenders, a hand blender can be used in any container you want. It does not have a container of its own.

Choosing the right hand blender, that can fulfill all your requirements, is an important task. You should keep in mind some of the features before buying the blender, like power of the motor, weight, design and other free attachments. Hand blender is a multipurpose appliance, used for emulsifying, blending, whisking, pureeing soups and sauces. To choose the best one for your kitchen is your first priority, below mentioned are the best hand blenders with best qualities of 2015. I am pretty sure they will help you in finding out the best suitable immersion blender for your home.

Best Hand Blenders Under $50

10. Proctor-Silex 59738A Hand Blender

Best Proctor Silex Hand BlenderProctor-Silex is one particular hand blender that has ability to do several tasks with one single machine like blending, mixing and whipping. It has motor of 150 watt; easy to carry as very light in weight. It has sharp stainless steel blade which fits exactly to your blending needs and requirement. Proctor-Silex results very quick and proficient. Furthermore, very easy to wash and clean; consists of 2 speeds, high and low. Proctor hand blender manufacturer gives one year warranty of the blender.

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9. Hamilton Beach 59765 2 Speed Hand Blender

Hamilton Beach Hand BlenderHamilton Beach hand Blender has very powerful big motor of 225 watt; capable of doing multiples tasks with one machine like blending, chopping, mixing or emulsifying. It is very easy to use and clean; includes some other equipment’s with it like beater, chopping container and mixing wand. Hamilton Blender is not much expensive to buy.

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8. Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick Hand Blender

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand BlenderCuisinart hand blender has motor of 200 watt. It is designed in a look of simple stick, which can enter into the pot, container or bowl to blend food items easily. Cuisinart is really light in weight; easy to handle and use. It has 2 different speeds, low and high; you can use any according to your need and requirement; very tension free blender, quick and neat wash of dishwasher blending shaft and beaker. Only one touch on-off button; ideal blender for mixing more than 2 mixtures.

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7. Chefman Ultra-Quiet Hand Blender

Best Chefman Ultra Quiet HandBlenderChefman hand Blender is a very unique design blender, comes in graceful deep black color. It has motor of 300 watt. Chefman offers 2 different speeds, high and low. Chefman also provides bonus chopper along with hand blender. It can perform various tasks which includes chopping, grinding, creaming, blending, mixing and pureeing. Chefman stick can easily reach in the deep and tall bowls, pitchers and containers. It is very easy to handle and has very strong grip. Chefman manufacturer provides 3 years of warranty of blender.

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Best Hand Blenders Under $100

6. KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed Hand Blender

KitchenAid KH CU Speed Hand BlenderKitchenAid hand blender is easy to handle and use; one of the flexible blenders; can be used for blending, crushing, chopping whisking and pureeing. It comes in a pack with other combination of other equipment’s like container, two bowls and whisk; all these parts are dishwasher proved. KitchenAid blender also gives warranty of 1 year.

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5. Panasonic MX-SS1 Immersion Blender

Best Panasonic MX Immersion BlenderPanasonic Hand-Held Blender has a powerful motor of 210 watts. It is very durable and safe with four sided blade system, which works very quickly and efficiently to chop, blend, mix, grind, crush and many more. Panasonic hand blender has truly boundless work to smooth soup, crush ice, grind nuts, blend mixtures and many more. It comes with other equipment’s like bowl, beaker, whisk and wall rack. It is only made in black color; looks very elegant.

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4. DeLonghi DHB716 Hand Blender

Best DeLonghi Hand BlenderDeLonghi has a big powerful and efficient motor of 380 watts which blends and smooth’s the mixture or different elements with no time. DeLonghi has very sharp stainless steel triplet blades which crushed the food quickly. It also has chopper to mince the food or meat easily. Cleaning up of the parts of DeLonghi hand blender is very simple. It has 2 speed buttons high and low. It is one of the best hand blender of 2015, must check it before buying.

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3. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Hand Blender

Breville BSB Grip Hand Blenderville hand blender has a high power of 280 watts; blender speed can be adjusted according to your desire and condition. Breville hand blender has very sharp blades which can even chop the hard elements and crush the ice in small pieces; proficient of doing plentiful tasks like blending, crushing, grinding and smoothing; very comfortable, easy and quick in blending the foodstuff in tall and deep bowls as it has 8 inch dipping rod. Additionally, washing its parts is very easy to and tension-free without any hard exertion.

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Best Hand Blenders Under $250

2. Braun MR5555MCA Hand-Held Blender

Braun MR Hand HeldBlenderBraun is a very well-known electronic company. Braun Hand-held blender comes with motor of 400 watts, capable of doing multiple tasks very efficiently; comes in a complete set which includes chopper, whisk, blender, spatula, measuring cup, and the main body of hand blender. Braun hand blender also gives recipe book which contains different tasty recipes. It is very safe to wash it in dishwasher.

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Best Hand Blenders Under $350

1. Waring Commercial WSB50 Immersion Blender

Waring Commercial Immersion BlenderWaring hand blender has variable motor of 750 watts; long and deep removable shaft of 12 inches which is easily removable. Waring immersion blender works with stainless steel blades very efficient to perform all multi-tasks like blending, smoothing soups and sauces and many more. Waring hand-held blender is very quick and fast in working. Moreover it is very easy to wash it without hand efforts. Waring hand blender manufacturer gives one year warranty.

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*All prices mentioned above are at the time of publishing.