Top 10 Best Kick Scooters

Fun fact: scooters were invented in New England around the turn of the century.

Although scooters have been around for about 100 years, they have changed dramatically in the last century. Scooters have experienced a resurgence in popularity in the last twenty or so years, and as a result, a number of innovations have been made.

There are a lot of different types of scooters, many of which are quite distinctive. Some are miniaturized for toddlers; others have three wheels. Many scooters differ in appearance and style. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect scooter can be a challenge.

We’ve taken the time to research and try out a bunch of different scooters. These are the best models we found. These scooters aren’t for everyone, and some are aimed at a specific age or demographic. Nevertheless, you are almost certain to find something you like here.

Are you ready? Let’s get to it.

Things to Consider

1. Size

Scooters come in different sizes for a variety of reasons. Some people prefer heavy-duty rides, where others prefer a smaller size. Scooters geared for kids, especially younger kids, are going to be sized appropriately for their age.

2. Material

Most scooters are made out of aluminum, although some use steel as well. Some cheaper scooters may be made out of plastic. Not all aluminum is equal, however, and some aluminum is stronger than other types, depending on how it is treated and forged.

3. Weight

The weight of a scooter isn’t going to be a big deal for everyone, but it should be proportionate to the size of the person using it. You don’t want younger children to have to worry about a heavy scooter because they might have a harder time controlling it. On the other hand, larger people may want a heavier scooter that bears their weight better. In many cases though, weight is simply a matter of preference.

4. Wheels

Scooter wheels are usually made out of either aluminum or PU plastic. Sometimes wheels for kids are made out of cheaper plastic. PU wheels are fine, but aluminum core wheels are more durable and are less likely to break.

5. Price

Some people don’t worry too much about price, preferring to focus on quality. Others like to maintain a careful budget and don’t want to spend too much money on a scooter. We’ve organized all the scooters by price so you can pick something out of your price range.


This is a kick scooter designed for child and adult alike. It has a very polished, silver-chrome design. It is designed so that every single part can be replaced. If you so choose, you could simply replace the defective component of this scooter, making its effective lifetime very long indeed.

Best Micro Sprite Kick Scooter Weighs 5.5 pounds.

 Can support up to 220 pounds.

 Folds for easy carrying.

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If you’re looking for a recommendation, we recommend the Aeroactive Adults & Teens Scooter. The Aeroactive is a seriously hardcore scooter. This is a scooter designed for serious heavy use. It features a large, solid aluminum deck and dual suspension. Two eight-inch tires provide excellent performance and speed, making this a really potent, powerful scooter.

  • Solid, 13.5-pound construction
  • Adjustable T-bar height from 34 to 41 inches
  • Designed to fold for easy storage and carriage
  • Solid aluminum frame
  • Dual suspension for greater strength and durability

Best Kick Scooters Under $50

10. Razor A Kick Scooter

Razor A Kick ScooterThe Razor A kick scooter is a sweet, portable kick scooter aimed at kids. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, this scooter is surprisingly tough and durable for the price. The 98 mm wheels are made of urethane with ABEC bearings.

This is an ideal cruiser for a younger child. It weighs just five pounds, so it’s not too heavy for a kid to pick up and carry if they get tired of riding. And its designed to fold easily, making carrying it easier. It has a rear fender brake, allowing you to stop quickly and safely.

The scooter is rated to support up to 134 pounds. This may work just fine for some smaller women, but generally speaking, this is really aimed for kids up to their early teens. The scooter is well made for the price. While I wasn’t able to try it myself (I’m about 160 pounds), it definitely looks like a fun ride.

  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • Can support up to 134 pounds
  • Folds for easy carrying
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9. OxGord Scooter for Kids

OxGord Scooter for KidsI don’t need to tell you that this kick scooter is made for children – the name says it all. Just one look at its design tells you that this is designed for younger kids in particular. I don’t know the exact weight limit, but this is geared for kids aged roughly 2-5. I don’t think anyone much older than that would want to ride it anyway.

Much like the bonus wheels on a training bike, the scooter is designed with two front wheels, giving added stability young children need to keep their balance and learn how to ride. The frame is made of aluminum, and the adjustable T-bar is composed of a carbon steel alloy. The wheels are all plastic, and there is a rear fender brake for older kids who are able to reach it.

If your toddler wants to learn to ride a scooter, but you don’t want to spend too much money on something in case they don’t like it, this is a great choice. Your young one will get some valuable exercise, and you won’t be out too much money if they lose interest. My son enjoyed riding it, so it has his seal of approval.

  • Two front wheels for easy learning
  • Weighs 4.5 pounds
  • Folds for easy carrying
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Best Kick Scooters Under $100

8.Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter

Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick ScooterThis is the first scooter on the list that’s geared for adults. The kick scooter is made with aluminum, so it’s durable. With a weight limit of 220 pounds, this is a good, affordable option for almost anyone.

Weighing ten pounds, the Fuzion Cityglide is heavy enough to carry you along and light enough to be easy to carry. The large wheels make cruising easy and comfortable, providing extra support and stability on bumpy streets and sidewalks. The Cityglide has a telescoping T-bar that adjusts to your height and includes a fender brake for fast stops at traffic lights.

The Cityglide is available in red, green and yellow. It’s an ideal and inexpensive scooter for getting around town, and since it folds up, it’s perfect for a short commute to work.

  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Can support up to 220 pounds
  • Folds for easy carrying
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7. Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter

Micro Kickboard Mini ScooterThe Micro Kickboard is another three-wheeled scooter for younger kids. Like the previous kid’s scooter, this is also rated for kids between 2 and 5. It’s two front wheels are jumbo-sized for better support and stability, making it safer for younger kids. It’s very light, which is also a plus for a young tot.

What I didn’t like about this scooter was the deck. It’s made out of reinforced fiberglass. While that is plenty strong enough to support a 40-pound child, it’s not nearly as durable as aluminum. The Micro Kickboard isn’t really expensive, but for the price, I feel like it could have been made with better materials. Accidents do happen, after all.

Nevertheless, this is the highest rated scooter for its demographic, so maybe I’m just worrying too much. I did let my two-year-old try it out, and he really enjoyed it. It isn’t too expensive, and it comes in seven bright, fun colors. Just be sure to upgrade it when your kid gets older. The deck is made out of fiberglass, and it will break if there’s too much weight on it.

  • Two front wheels for easy learning
  • Weighs 3.38 pounds
  • Can support up to 44 pounds
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6. Mongoose Expo Scooter

Mongose Expo ScooterMan, I love this scooter. I’m a bicycle kind of guy myself, and this almost rides more like a bike than a kick scooter. In fact, this could be a good way for a younger kid to make the transition from a scooter to a bike without training wheels. My own son is way too young for this yet, so I can’t confirm that theory.

This is definitely a scooter and not a bicycle. It doesn’t have a seat or pedals, and you stand on the deck and kick off with your feet. So why the comparisons? Well, for one, it has actual air tires. Instead of the plastic tires most scooters use, these tires are filled with compressed air, meaning that this is a scooter you can take out into the dirt and mud.

The other big similarity is the brakes. Most scooters use a rear fender brake, but the brakes on this scooter are on the handlebars, just like a bicycle. That made it a lot easier for me to get a feel for braking, as I’m used to a bicycle.

From what I understand, this scooter can also work as a trick scooter. At 18 pounds, it’s pretty heavy though, so I think you’d have to be pretty skilled to do stunts with this scooter. If you’re looking for a traditional scooter, this may not be for you, but if you’re looking for something a little different, give this one a try.

  • 12-inch air tires
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Brakes located on the handlebars
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5. Micro Sprite Kick Scooter

Micro Sprite Kick ScooterThis is a kick scooter designed for child and adult alike. It has a very polished, silver-chrome design. It is designed so that every single part can be replaced. If you so choose, you could simply replace the defective component of this scooter, making its effective lifetime very long indeed.

The body of the scooter is made from aluminum, and the wheels are high-quality polyurethane. The advantage of polyurethane wheels is that they are very smooth and quiet, giving you a weightless, carefree ride. The scooter comes with a kickstand, making parking your scooter easy when you stop someplace.

All in all, this is a very nice scooter. It offers a smooth ride, and it does everything I expect a scooter to do. It also looks very flashy, so you won’t be embarrassed if you’re seen riding it. It can support adults of up to 220 pounds, it folds easily, and it’s very lightweight.

  • Weighs 5.5 pounds
  • Can support up to 220 pounds
  • Folds for easy carrying
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Best Kick Scooters Under $150

4. Active Play Toys and Games Sporter

Active Play Toys and Games SporterThe active play is kind of a weird looking scooter. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, to be honest. I’m still not entirely sure I know how to use it properly. Still, this is a great scooter for kids. It’s a little more friendly to use than the starter scooters for little kids, and it also looks more stylish.

The scooter has two back wheels and one front wheel. There are two smaller decks for each of the rear wheels, and the kid or teen places one foot on each deck. This is a self-propelled scooter, so you don’t need to do a lot of kicking with this one. In fact, you propel yourself by twisting like you’re on skiis. It definitely takes some getting used to.

This scooter weighs over 16 pounds, so it isn’t super light, but it’s not too difficult to carry. It does fold up for easy storage. Perhaps best of all, the scooter comes with a front brake, so if you have to stop in a hurry, that’s always helpful. The handlebar doesn’t adjust, though, so it’s not quite one-size-fits-all.

This isn’t a kick scooter, so why did we include it on our list? Sometimes it’s nice to have other options and know what’s out there. Kids all progress at different rates, so this is a good option for a child who is struggling with kick scooters or simply wants a different way to move.

  • Weighs 16.6 pounds
  • Can support up to 175 pounds
  • Folds for easy carrying
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3. Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-barThe Micro Maxi Kick Scooter is a higher-end version of the other three-wheel training scooters I’ve reviewed. The main difference is that this one is aimed at an older demographic, kids from 5 to 12. This is designed to bridge the gap between kids who are too heavy for a smaller three-wheeled scooter but not ready for a normal scooter.

This scooter is very well designed. Its frame is made of aluminum, it has PU polymer wheels, and the brake on the rear wheel is oversized, making it easier for young children to use it. This scooter has a special technology that helps children learn to steer, which makes this a good developmental scooter. The T-bar adjusts from 24 to 36 inches so that the scooter will grow with your child.

The scooter comes in eight different colors, and every single part is replaceable, which means that your child will outgrow this scooter long before it stops working. If your child is too big for a mini scooter but not ready for the real deal, this will get them ready for it.

  • Two front wheels for easy learning
  • Weighs 5.51 pounds
  • Supports up to 140 pounds
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Best Kick Scooters Under $200

2. Aeroactive Adults & Teens Scooter

Aeroactive Adults & Teens ScooterThe Aeroactive is one mean mama of a scooter. Just looking at it, you can tell it means business. For starters, it has large 8 inches (200 mm) wheels, roughly twice the size of your average scooter. Secondly, it is built with a dual suspension frame that makes it tougher and more ready to stand up to the road.

Adjustable handlebars go from 34 to 41 inches, making this an ideal scooter for teenagers and adults. The heavy-duty aluminum construction is light enough to carry but tough enough to serve you well. The scooter folds for easy storage, so if you live in an apartment its easy to store in the closet.

Made with solid aluminum, this scooter was completely redesigned last year to accommodate user feedback. The result is one of the smoothest rides and toughest scooters I’ve ever seen.

  • Weighs 13.5 pounds
  • Can support up to 220 pounds
  • Folds for easy carrying
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Best Kick Scooters Under $250

1. Monster Kickboard Interchangeable Kick Scooter

Monster Kickboard Interchangeable Kick ScooterThe Monster Kickboard wasn’t my favorite scooter, but it still has some good things going for it. It is built from a fiberglass composite, and the two front wheels are both quite large, giving the scooter both support and the toughness needed to get over rough patches in the sidewalk.

I mentioned my hesitations about fiberglass earlier, but in that case, it was used in a scooter made for small children. In this case, we’re talking about a scooter than costs well over $200. Personally, if I’m going to spend that kind of money on a scooter, I want aircraft-grade aluminum. However, the makers went with fiberglass to give the scooter more of a traditional skateboard feel, so I understand the reason behind it.

The scooter does ride well. The extra-wide wheels give it a very nice balance, and it’s actually pretty easy to pick up speed because you’re less likely to lose your balance. The scooter weighs just under 16 pounds and can support up to 220. It’s not bad at all, but it’s not my favorite.

  • Weighs 15.9 pounds
  • Can support up to 220 pounds
  • Folds for easy carrying
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If you’ve made it this far, it means you’ve read about a lot of different scooters. From training scooters all the way to heavy duty adult cruisers, we’ve covered a lot of ground. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a lot of good recommendations to be made. There are several fine choices for mini and maxi child scooters, excellent riding scooters such as the Aeroactive, and even some more unconventional options. No matter what you decide upon, we’re confident you’ll make the right choice. Happy shopping!