Top 10 Best Free Standing Punching Reflex Bag Reviews

Getting fit, toned and strong is a goal that many of us have but getting there can be difficult. However, with a punching bag the road to fitness can be made a lot more fun and as a result, fitness goals can be reached far quicker. Free standing punch bags are great for those looking to improve their total body strength, as well as those looking to boost their cardiovascular fitness and overall health. There are many different types of free standing punching bags on the market, and each one has slight variations in terms of stability and durability and they each have different unique features such as locking mechanisms.

So, in order to help you out, and to make the process of buying a Free Standing Punching Bag easier we have done the hard work for you, and found a number of great Free Standing Punching Bags that would all look great in any home gym, and help you to reach your health and fitness goals. So, read on to find out about the top 10 best Free Standing Punching Bags that are currently available.

You can get a great workout with nothing but a free standing punching bag, so as a result they can make for great additions to home gyms. However, as mentioned, there are lots of different punching bags on the market, and some are much better than others. Therefore to ensure that you get the best Free Standing Punching Bag on the market you should consider a number of important factors. To help you out, check out the following 5 factors that you should consider before buying a Free Standing Punching Bag for your home gym:

1. Bag weight
2. Adjustable height
3. Resistance/ base stability
4. Material
5. Price

If you don’t want to shop around, but do want the best product available, then check out the Editors Pick based on features, quality, functionality, and value.

After reviewing various Power Towers, we found that the Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag is The Best Free Standing Punching in the market right now.
Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag Black

Improved design & strength and ease of assembly.

Tri-disc foam structure provides maximum energy dispersion.

PowerCore™ steel plate technology improves the overall strength.

Compact base allows for increased accessibility.

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Best Free Standing Punching Bag Under $50

10. Adjustable Free Standing Punching Speed Ball Bag With Boxing Gloves

Ringside Elite Freestanding PunchbagThis fantastic Adjustable Free Standing Punching Speed Ball Bag With Boxing Gloves is the ideal starter pack for any wannabe boxer, but it is also ideal if you are looking for a fun way to work out, and burn calories. The set comes with a pair of adjustable boxing gloves, suitable for any user, so there is no need to worry about getting sore hands, or knuckles.

The punching bag is easy to assemble and store so that you can get boxing in no time. The free standing punching ball comes with an outer protective layer of faux leather for durability, no matter how hard you punch! To use this punching bag, you can simply fill the base with sand or water for a perfect level of resistance. The punching ball is suitable for children aged 6 and up and features an adjustable height from 50 to 58 inches. Working out with this punching ball is the ideal way to boost and maintain fitness, increase endurance and relieve stress.

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Best Free Standing Punching Bag Under $75

9. Everlast 2260 Freestanding Reflex Bag 

Everlast 2260 Freestanding Reflex Bag BlackThis Everlast freestanding reflex bag is spring-mounted and makes for the perfect addition to your workout routine should you wish to focus on improving your hand/eye coordination, speed and agility. The bag offers a fun, and simple great upper body workout.

The bag has an easy to fill base which accepts water or sand for the ideal level of resistance. The bag is on a pole and therefore its height can be adjusted. This is a great feature if you want to work on a range of different punches, or if your children are keen to do some punching too. The reflex bag is easy to assemble, and all of the parts are included.

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Best Free Standing Punching Bag Under $100

8. MaxxMMA Speed Freestanding Reflex Bag 

MaxxMMA Speed Freestanding Reflex Bag BlackThis MaxxMMA speed freestanding punch bag is ideal for those looking to improve their speed, tone and fitness. The patented stepless adjustable flexibility of this punch bag allows for the perfect punch which is what is needed to get the most from any punch bag workout. The bag has been tested by rigorously punching the bag, and bending it to the same point over 120,000 times without any issue.

The freestanding reflex bag is adjustable and outstanding in terms of its quality when compared to similar products. The tension adjustment of the bag allows the correct increment of reaction for precise feedback and flexibility allowing the correct increment of reaction. The adjustable speed of response is more suitable for hand-eye coordination, such as combat defense training. This bag is really perfect for novice boxer or fitness enthusiasts.

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Best Free Standing Punching Bag Under $125

7. Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag 

Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag BlackThis Everlast PowerCore freestanding heavy bag is ideal for those looking to punch hard for the best fitness gains. The bag has been carefully designed in order to be strong and capable of withstanding regular and fast punches. The Everlast bag is easy to assemble, and so you can be punching in no time.

The bag features a tri-disc foam structure which provides maximum energy dispersion for maximum strength and fitness gains. Also, the PowerTransferRing collar has been specifically designed to offer the best quality, superior impact, absorption and re-coil for the best punch results. What is more, the PowerCore steel plate technology improves the overall strength of the bag so that it can withstand almost any punch. The compact base allows you to easily access the bag and does not require you to adjust your step.

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Best Free Standing Punching Bag Under $150

6. Century Original Wavemaster Training 

Century Original WavemasterThis Century original Wavemaster Punching bag provides you with a great way to train and build strength. The punch bag provides the optimal resistance for fitness and rebounds rapidly for a real punch bag challenge.

The base of the punching bag can be easily filled with sand or water to keep the punching bag stable and secure. Whilst the rounded base design ensures that the bag is easy to roll away for storage. A great feature of this punch bag is that it has 7 possible weight adjustments from 47″ to 68″ in 3″ increments so that this bag is suitable for any sized boxer, or any type of punch.

The Century Original Wavemaster weighs approximately 250 lbs when filled and this makes this freestanding punch bag the ideal item for any home gym, no matter on how strong you are, or how much space you have.

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5. Century Lil Dragon Wavemaster 

Century Lil WavemasterThe Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster was designed for young martial artists but would suit any child looking to boost their fitness, and let off some steam through punching. The Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster bag offers four different height adjustments so that it can grow with your child. The punch bag also has a rounded base for easy rolling so that you can store the bag away easily. The base can be easily filled with water or sand to keep the bag stable and upright.

The Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster logo is super cool and colorful. It is printed on one side of the bag and gives your child a fantastic target for their punches which helps to guide a fighter, developing their endurance and accuracy. The bag itself is made from nylon and this shell covers the high impact foam for a safe and powerful punch. This brilliantly bright freestanding training bag can help your child get into tip-top shape. The bag comes with a fantastic manufacturer’s warranty.

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Best Free Standing Punching Bag Under $250

4. Century Versys Fight Simulator 

Century Versys SimulatorThis sleek and slim Century Versys Fight Simulator punch bag is one of the most versatile punch bags on the market which makes this punch bag the perfect fight simulator for both stand-up and ground training. The bag can help you to improve the timing of your steps and punches, and also boost your reflexes when striking and slashing. The base is pre-filled with sand so no messy filling to worry about. The bag weighs approximately 100 lbs and so is light enough to move around.

This punch bag has an awesome benefit of having more than three times the striking surface of a standard bag which means there is tones of space to punch, kick and slash with confidence. This bag is ideal for those looking to boost their fitness, technique and release some steam. The Century Versys Fight Simulator combines the benefits of a standard freestanding bag with those of a grappling dummy so that you can have fun and punch for as long as you like and in any way that you fancy. What is more, as the bag is long and tall it can provide you with a brilliant and realistic workout, almost as if you had a real life punching partner.

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Best Free Standing Punching Bag Under $300

3. Century Fitness “B.O.B.” Body Opponent Bag

Century Fitness “B.O.B.” BagThis Century Fitness “B.O.B”- Body Opponent Bag, is a fantastic item that can become your at-home training partner for your punch bag workouts. The amazingly lifelike mannequin from Century Fitness fits perfectly on an adjustable Wavemaster base which is included with BOB. The BOB’s ‘skin’ is made of high-strength plastisol which feels lifelike, and BOB’s inner cavity is filled with durable urethane foam which protects your hands and fists from bruising should you want to punch hard and fast.

The BOB is lifelike in height with 7 height adjustments from 5′ to 6’6″. The base can be filled with water or sand for stability and brilliant punch recoil. When filled, the BOB weighs around 270 lbs. BOB would be a brilliant addition to your home gym so why not buy this BOB and give it the 1-2 punch for a solid at-home workout! BOB comes with a one year limited warranty.

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2. Century Wavemaster XXL Training 

Century Wavemaster XXLThe Century Wavemaster XXL training bag is a super addition to your training set up. The extra-large martial arts training bag is covered with a super high-quality striking surface with a durable vinyl cover for long lasting results. What is more, the high-density foam filling of this bag is tough yet forgiving to ensure that you can get the maximum training gains, with minimal pain.

The heavy, low-profile base and ultra-stable weight distribution ensure that no matter how hard you punch, or how many punches that you do, this Century Wavemaster will keep you training hard and getting fit. The base can be filled with either sand or water so which ever material suits you best you can choose. When the bag is filled, it weighs roughly 270 pounds. This brilliant Century Wavemaster stands 69 inches tall so is the perfect training partner, and also measures a full 18 inches in diameter.

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Best Free Standing Punching Bag Under $400

1. Ringside Elite Freestanding Punchbag 

Ringside Elite PunchbagThis brilliant Ringside Elite Freestanding Punchbag is the ideal addition to your fitness kit. The 6’4” tall Elite Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag is seriously high quality and is sure to last for years. This durable and strong punch bag is not for the light-hearted but is sure to benefit those who are up to the challenge. You will be able to punch for hours with this well-cushioned bag.

The bag has a durable synthetic leather shell and is designed with a removable foam collar that will increase or decrease the movement of the spring loaded bag. The plastic base holds 270 lbs of sand or water depending on whatever your preference is.

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Finding the right Free Standing Punching Bag can make all the difference in terms of reaching your fitness goals. Finding the right bag is especially essential if you punch hard and often because a good Free Standing Punching Bag can help you to achieve the right technique, and get the most benefits.

Even if you don’t expect to use your Free Standing Punching Bag every day, a quality punching bag will help to ensure that you can get a great work out, burn off some energy and stay injury free. In order to help you find the perfect Free Standing Punching Bag, we put together this list of considerations for you to look over. Happy shopping!

*All prices mentioned above were at the time of publishing.